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LMS Online Sales Software
Using Sitecore

New flexible and scalable platform aids Virtual College to reach the next level in terms of online marketing and online sales.

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Share Plan Administration System
with Howells Associates

Development of a Microsoft based platform designed specifically for the administration of your share plan(s).

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Talent Management Web Application
for Pegways

Pegfect ™ Talent helps employees define their career plans through tailored professional interviews and puts your company in compliance with the Vocational Training Act.

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Trusted and Reliable Software Development for All Business Domains

Business Analysis
We offer all our customers complete engagement and take the time to fully understand your processes and requirements. This enables us to deliver customer-led solutions that will transform your business.
Iterative Approach
Our iterative and incremental approach to software development enables us to react to customer feedback quickly and efficiently ensuring your end solution evolves into a success.
Controlled Costs
By allowing our customer to prioritise their own backlog we're able to deliver the most important pieces of functionality to our customers quickly, ensuring your investment is protected.

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Client Testimonial

DSC Software have worked professionally on all of the projects that they have been commissioned to complete. They are always responsive to any questions or queries and provide a hands-on approach that larger web development agencies would struggle to match. The end solutions which they have delivered have allowed my organisation to reach the next level in terms of online marketing and online sales capabilities.

  • Ben Piper, Virtual College
  • Ben Piper

    Virtual College