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Responsive Design

Recently we've seen a sharp increase in the number of different devices we use to access the internet. Ranging from mobile phones to tablets, laptop and desktop computers all running different screen resolutions. It would be near enough impossible to develop seperate user interfaces for all these viewports. By using HTML and CSS intelligently our web applications are able to automatically switch to accomodate for different screen resolutions all incorporated into one implementation.

User Experience

User Experience (UX)

Web pages have advanced notably over the past 5 years evolving from static content into more dynamic interactive content by incorporating JavaScript and front-end frameworks such as AngularJS. UX is referring to the experience your users have when using your software, their perception of the value of the application, it's simplicity of use and how efficient it is. Web applications that have a good User Experience stand out from the crowd.

HTTP Integration

HTTP Integration

Web applications typically need to communicate and integrate with other systems. The current industry standard for implementing web services is REST or Representational State Transfer. This enables sofware to communicate and integrate with other systems. We've worked across a range of business sectors and have integrated services across an array of systems ranging from payment gateways to email marketing campaign software.

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Client Testimonial

DSC Software have worked professionally on all of the projects that they have been commissioned to complete. They are always responsive to any questions or queries and provide a hands-on approach that larger web development agencies would struggle to match. The end solutions which they have delivered have allowed my organisation to reach the next level in terms of online marketing and online sales capabilities.

  • Ben Piper, Virtual College
  • Ben Piper

    Virtual College

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